Cloudhopper, the aerial division of Obsidian Incorporated, offers affordable and dependable drone photography, surveying and monitoring utilizing the latest technology available.

Our most popular aerial services include:

  • Local and state service authorities
  • real estate services
  • special events
  • commercial property promotions
  • structural inspections
  • construction site monitoring

Cloudhopper operates under the following Virginia state contracts:

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CloudHopper Capstone
Department of Transportation Contract 42586 – Statewide Maintenance Consultant and Augmentation Services

Department of General Services Statewide Contract DEB02202012 – Construction

Testing and Environmental Services

Department of General Services Statewide Contract DEB2202012 –

Non-Professional Services

Cloudhopper operates with a FAA Section 333 Exemption

The FAA Section 333 Exemption is required by the FAA in order to be legally flying drones/UAV’s commercially. Without it you are operating illegally.